Thursday, April 26, 2007


Weapons weapons

Martial arts technology came from weapons.

Period, end of story.

We spend billions on weapons for the modern military. In the old days they spend alot of money on their military too.. except alot was spent on spears, swords, sheilds and lots of training time, since they didn't have guidance systems other than their legs and arms.

So people got trained on how to fight for real and they trained hard, because they knew for a fact they would soon be in a fight to the death with real weapons with multiple opponents.

When relative peace breaks out, they go to smaller or more personal weapons but they take with them the techniques learned from training and from real life and death encounters they survived. If Bob was teaching something that didn't work, him and his students might not come back... It was said once by Omar Hakim(who may have got it from someone else) that if you have an empty hand fight and you lose, you come back try to figure out a better counter technique and train harder. If you go into a weapons fight and lose, you die. So it has a way of weeding out the techniques that don't work.

For training or for sport, they fought without weapons or with less dangerous substitutes for weapons, a stick instead of a sword, etc. Wrestling for contests, etc.

Later some other guy comes along and takes out some of the dangerous technique or two to make the contests safer.

A couple of generations later and some guy figures out a way to win the contest quicker based on the fact it isn't real anymore and there are rules, so you develop your winning strategy and techiques based on the rules making some techniques work in the competition that would not work in real life.

Then when that guy has kids, he teaches them that with a bunch of physical exercise and discipline thrown in and some of the tougher stuff left out.

Then another generation is born learning the stuff from the now grown up kid, who never knew the real deal, the absence of rules or the real application of the techniques in context of the weapons the techniques came from... Now this generation doesn't even know that the kid didn't even know what he was teaching or what the applications were for... and they only did it for several months.

Then they try and re-invent the wheel since they don't have the technology and know their stuff doesn't work.. but they then look to OTHER ARTS that have also been de-clawed or screwed up and modified over time.

Yeah, you are right, martial arts don't work...

Looking at the history of the martial arts, you have to go back to the roots to understand where they came from, in order to therefore understand what they are for and why.

Most arts evolved toward sport.. some got very narrow.. THEY ALL ARE SCREWED UP.

Sometimes they didn't teach the foreigner right on purpose...Wake up...

Do you think when the europeans had epic spear and sword battles that they looked anything like modern foil fencing that you see in the Olympics?

Do you think people went to battle with boxing?

Over time it all just fades away.

When I look at modern Karate, it looks idiotic until I imagine the moves with weapons in their hands, then it all makes sense. Many of them don't get this and most other people don't either. But they have lost fludity as well. Some sort of japanese military mass training deal or something turning people into robots... Ichi, Ni, San..

Anybody hear me?


Martial Art Masters and big talkers

I am tired of hearing all the hype about some people and then seeing them in real life and seeing that in real life they just don't measure up to the hype. (some do but so many don't)

So don't believe what you read, what you hear or how many web sites some big martial arts guys is on. Once you meet them in person and work out with them or even watch them do stuff when they are not being filmed you get a good idea if they suck or not.

Some of these guys are jokes.

Here is the secret.. it is all about money and ignorance. Ignorant students who don't know any better. Money making things happen.. You spend a bunch of money with people and all of a sudden they start making you a media made martial artist.

Or they are trying to grow their organization all over the place and they list you as an instructor on their web site even when you are not ready... they aren't concerned about quality, it is all about growing their business or their ego....

Enough said... (by the way have you bought my Combatant DVD?-- you think I blog for the hell of it? Shame on you!)

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