Friday, November 13, 2009


Ego and the martial arts

If you bump into me and I know I can kill you instantly at any time, the ego feels no need to prove itself. If you and your friends make fun of me and I have my hand on a button that could make the car you are in explode, am I angered by your words or amused?

The people who do not fight for survival and whose full application do not end in death are the guys who get into fights because of their ego. They want to go hand to hand and show you who is boss. Teach you a lesson.

The guy whose martial art is efficient and deadly has no need for all that. You go to jail or you die. Is that worth it? Am I intimidated by you if I know that my martial art is effective and deadly? I will leave or let your ego run wild without challenge since you really are not a threat to my ego with words. I most likely will leave since I don't want to go to jail. There can be nothing good that can come out of a situation where someone wants to prove or elevate their ego or someone is calling you names.

Ask yourself, "what is in it for me?" If I kill you, what is my reward? If I win a fair fight, what is my reward? If he wins, what will I lose?

The empty handed martial artists think they are playing a game, a test of skill, a game of who is the better, stronger man. A man who has a martial art based on survival wants no tests of skill, and knows that even when he wins he could lose.

The fear of being made fun of disappears when have become effective and deadly. If you and 3 friends are making fun of me... I know I can most likely kill you. But you are not worth the consequences, neither your insults nor defeating you nor destroying you are worth any possible consequences.

Now it may be that these three fools are actually effective and deadly and for whatever reason want to fight you. When that happens there is still no attack on your ego.. there is only immediate tactical actions based on their threat.

So alot of the empty hands guys get into fights and even look for them. they want to punish people for perceived wrongs, they want to show who is right, they want to show who is the better man, put others in their place. A man who can kill and destroy wants no part of any fight. His ego isn't attacked, and if a real threat does present itself, there is only stimulus and response, not any fear or need to prove ego.

The weapons arts are martial arts of survival, the empty handed arts are arts of ego and of misjudging the enemy. Either way they make you make stupid decisions.


I really cant understand that in martial arts should ego be involved?
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