Monday, March 30, 2009


being ready 24/7

are you ready 24/7?

do you look around? are you aware?

Are you armed 24/7?

by your bed I want to see a .45
as you grab another beer and bullshit with a trusted friend I want a pistol on you

besides the pistol I want to see a knife or three.


pistols and knives are for when you ARE NOT EXPECTING TROUBLE. when you expect trouble, if you are a student of mine, I want to see body armor, a rifle, a pistol and a backup pistol and knives for both hands and as many of your buddies as will throw down with you as well as some sly cheating and tricks to mess up your enemy.

if you are in the shower, you better have something better than a shampoo bottle and empty hands to protect you.

If you are going swimming in the ocean, you better have at least a good knife clipped to your swimming trunks. If you get on an airplane, you better have something on you that COULD be used as a weapon.

So you either believe in being armed or you don't. If you are going to do it, do it right. It never fails that you are only attacked when unprepared. My students version of unprepared should be either knife, pistol or expedient weapon ready for use. If not, then I am not getting through to you.

I am not the greatest fighter in the world but you empty handed folks in mentality or actuality need to take note.... once I put a bullet in you or cut your "empty hands" or bust my impact weapon into your foot or head, you are going to be at a disadvantage and I am not so slob in the ring who you are going to beat by the rules.

You don't think I am your match? How about a fight where you play by rules the first minute and I don't play by the rules from the very beginning? Do you think the end result will feed your ego? Be honest, are you such a tough guy when someone else ends up having a weapon?

My student, Expect weapons, carry weapons and take a crap on the toilet with weapons.

My knife is only a little rusty after my body surfing in the gulf. I would not change a thing.

There are plenty of people out there that can take me in a fair fight. I can name some names if it helps you.

If it is about feeding your ego or winning a contest, then winning at a fair fight is important. It shows that your style or training or mentality or physical ability is great than theirs.

I am not concerned with those things. I will cheat and use any advantage I have. I am neither expecting a fair fight nor looking for one. I won't fight fair anyway. If I am fighting it is for survival and in survival you want every advantage possible.

I need to find it but there is a famous incident of a MMA guy who was stabbed in a fight outside of a night club. Took him awhile to even figure out he was stabbed. j

My students train for the worst case scenario, armed, multiple opponents. If you are not fighting for your life, how can you justify fighting anyway?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Weapons, weapons, weapons

I just attended a carbine class. You could call it a "how to use assault rifles" course if you wanted to be somewhat incorrect.

Anyway, man an AK-47 type rifle or an AR-15 type rifle is just super quick and accurate out of touching range. We also did drills to transition to a pistol if the rifle failed.

If the pistol failed, I did note that most of the guys had knives on them..

So guess what guys?

Your empty handed martial arts that you think are so crazy tough are great...for when the rifle, pistol and knife fails.. then maybe you have something.

If martial arts were so effective, I guess we would train our troops in MMA and then send them out on the battlefield.

Fighting is all about weapons. If you do most of your fighting by throwing, kicking or punching you are very, very deluded.

Fighting with your hands and feet are reserved for times you are caught without a weapon or possibly when someone grabs your weapon and it is all you have to gain back control of the weapon.

Realfighting is weapon centric. If you don't understand that, then join the apes and dogs. At least dogs have deadlier teeth than you do.

Fighting with empty hands is an absolute last resort(before temporary surrender) or a sporting event.

Get it?

Monday, March 2, 2009


making fun of martial arts instructors

the Jim Carey, you didn't attack me right skit.

On a serious note, a martial arts instructor can get his butt whipped when he asks someone to attack him. Hint: it is all about the range.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Witnessing a martial art becoming a sport

People in the know look at a martial art like Judo and say this is totally a sport. They took out the dangerous moves and the nasty things like strikes that can hurt people in training and kept alot of the other things. What did it look like before it became a sport? What did fencing look like before it become so distorted as a sport?

I have recently been a witness to seeing a martial art in the process of BECOMING a sport.

IDPA or the International Defensive Pistol Association was originally founded in order to better the skills of people who carry pistols for self defense.

When you go to an IDPA shoot, there are normally 2 types of shooters there, the Tactical Teds and the Gamers. Tactical Ted is all about real self defense scenarios and wants to improve his abilities and is not interested in his score or winning the contest. The Gamers will take advantage of any and all rules to try and improve their score to win the match.

One time I created a scenario where there was a guy with a knife 21 feet from the shooter, and the idea was that you had to shoot him while running to cover and then engage the other opponents from cover. Then you move to another bit of cover to engage more opponents(represented by cardboard that roughly similates the head and torso of a bad guy)

So I took off running at 90 degrees to left and shot at the guy with the knife quickly. I wanted to hit him but I also needed to get out of the way QUICKLY since he can theoretically run and cut or stab me before I can draw and get off a shot. I then engaged the other targets from behind out simulated "brick wall" exposing as little of myself as possible. Then I went to the next bit of cover and did the same. Yes, I am a Tactical Ted. For me it is a simulation of a life or death scenario that could happen to me.

So how does this become a sport? Well is is what the Gamers did....First they brought a gun to the shooting match that is not the gun they carry when carrying a gun. They brought one that was more accurate and they might have even loaded it with ammo less powerful than what they would carry with the for protection. they face the knife welding bad guy and slowly ever so slowly walk with baby steps to the cover since they are more concerned with accuracy than getting out of the way. Then they put way too much of their body out of cover so it is easier to shoot the other bad guys. Then they reload their gun since they already know the scenario and have counted how many shots they would have shot before reaching the next to the last cover and know that they will save time by reloading now instead of waiting to run dry "unexpectedly" like what happens in real life.

So anyway for them it is all about their score and they are not worried about getting away from people with knives, exposing themselves to opponents with guns when they have a perfectly good brick wall to hide most of their body behind. The score in IDPA is partly accuracy and part how fast you do the scenario. Basicly bad accuracy means add time to your score. So a combo of speed and accuracy wins.

Anway, they are training themselves to win competitions and not training themselves to survive deadly encounters. You can see this martial art turning into a sport right before your eyes. It is facinating.


Gun Guys don't get it

Gun guys don't understand the knife.

They say, "oh, a knife guy, I would just shoot him."

Well, good luck with that. you keep poking holes in paper at 7 to 15 yards and just keep thinking that way. Your training will get you killed.

The 21 foot rule. So the rule goes, if a gun guy has a knife or machete wielding opponent at 21 feet or closer, the knife guy can cover the distance and stab or slash him before he can draw his weapon.

Let me tell you something guys... most encounters start at closer than 21 feet.

Another thing: people take multiple bullets and live many times. Much fewer live with a slash to the neck. So trading isn't a good option for the gun guys and yes there are such things as bullet proof vests that can be worn without anyone noticing but you can't wear a metal or neck guard without people noticing.

At touching distance, a gun can be grabbed, and a knife can cause you some trigger finger disabling cuts if you try to grab it. The gun must be pointed at the opponent, the knife just needs to touch you. The gun can be disabled in many ways, grab the cylinder, push back the slide, stop the hammer from rising or falling, etc.

Did I say it is much easier to grab and control a gun? It doesn't work so well with a knife. A gun can be quickly pointed back at you too.

The gun is a long range weapon in the contact fighting game. The knife is a close range weapon. If you are in the wrong range, you lose. It is as simple as that.

At touching distance the knife is superior.

I would just shoot him.. well yeah if you are talking about the situation in Raiders of the Lost Ark maybe. But let them get up on you and someone maybe be stopping you from pulling that gun out while they are playing benihana all over you.

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