Thursday, April 30, 2009


It isn't a martial art

yeah I think they are right, it is a business!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


ranking systems and black belts

so a guy goes to study how to fight with a knife.

first he is taught how to slash and thrust with the knife. After many months of this he is getting quite good.

then he is taught to defend against the knife over many months.

Then him and the master start doing drills with a rubber knife going back and forth between attacking and defending and attacking again. After some time he becomes quite good... "Master, how long until I can become a Guro, as you can see I am getting quite good" The master says nothing.

After several years, the master and the student can flow with the rubber knives attacking and counter attacking. From the outside it looks like the total chaos of a real encounter, but to the student he sees all the familiar patterns in all attacks and counters. Master, "how long until I am guro?" none of your other students can do this and I can flow with you with whatever attack you give me." the master says nothing.

years pass, the master and the student are now attacking and counter attacking in what looks like total chaos but their sharp minds see and respond to all the attacks with perfect counter attacks but with such control that they never have serious cuts. The weapon is under perfect control and their counters take them out of harms way. Master, "how long until I am a guro?"



You will be cut

most martial arts or artists, when teaching about the knife frequently say "You will be cut."

I think they are right about that. In pekiti-tirsia Kali, we teach "no one can take the knife from your hand." We never tell them that they will be cut.

In many martial arts they teach defensive tactics.. what do you do if they do this, what do you do if they punch you, etc. That is pekiti tirsia we teach that as well, but we also spend alot of time teaching offensive tactics. How do you attack?
After all, a good offensive is best defense.

In many martial arts, you usually start with empty hands and finally one day you get to learn weapons. In pekiti tirsia you start with weapons and do empty hands last. The movements from weapons to empty hands are the same movements.

other arts make a big deal about teaching discipline, self respect, etc. We just teach the fighting techniques and the rest happens by itself. It isn't even part of the goal, but if you really learn how to fight then it will happen. Some people try and teach those things so hard their people only think they are learning how to fight.

some arts make a big deal about the rank or belt you have. In PTK we hardly mention it and you might go years without rank ever coming up.

I like Tuhon Gaje's comment on "reality based systems"

Reality? Where do you get your reality? Where does it come from? If you come to me, I will slash you, I will stab you...

Sunday, April 19, 2009


slow motion punch to the head


slow motion samurai sword part 2


slow motion samurai sword


slow motion stick physics - a must see

Monday, April 13, 2009


Eddie Izzard - How to Choose a Martial Art

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