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Aikido looking good

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Martial arts as sport

boxing - sport. Those big pillows on their hands are there to protect the hands, not the other guys head. boxers get into fights outside of the ring and break their hands. They stand there and beat on each other. Then they get in the clinch and pretend nothing can happen bad there. They do not train with or against weapons.

Tae Kwon Do - sport. This is a good martial art for chicks. Maybe they teach something different in Korea, but here it is just cheap daycare for kids or jumping up and down, bouncing around and throwing ineffective kicks. Are their arms paralysed? Their protective equipment doesn't protect their face... but no worries you can't hit them there in sparring anyway...

Fencing - sport. You only move in a straight line? You think touching the guy FIRST counts for something just because they poke you second? Are these movements applicable to other weapons? Will that tiny blade stop someone?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu- sport. Can anyone say Judo? You think you can tie yourself up and roll around on the ground with bad guy number one while bad guy number two is killing you?


Witness to a martial art becoming a sport

People in the know look at a martial art like Judo and say this is totally a sport. They took out the dangerous moves and the nasty things like strikes that can hurt people in training and kept alot of the other things. What did it look like before it became a sport? What did fencing look like before it become so distorted as a sport?

I have recently been a witness to seeing a martial art in the process of BECOMING a sport.

IDPA or the International Defensive Pistol Association was originally founded in order to better the skills of people who carry pistols for self defense.

When you go to an IDPA shoot, there are normally 2 types of shooters there, the Tactical Teds and the Gamers. Tactical Ted is all about real self defense scenarios and wants to improve his abilities and is not interested in his score or winning the contest. The Gamers will take advantage of any and all rules to try and improve their score to win the match.

One time I created a scenario where there was a guy with a knife 21 feet from the shooter, and the idea was that you had to shoot him while running to cover and then engage the other opponents from cover. Then you move to another bit of cover to engage more opponents(represented by cardboard that roughly similates the head and torso of a bad guy)

So I took off running at 90 degrees to left and shot at the guy with the knife quickly. I wanted to hit him but I also needed to get out of the way QUICKLY since he can theoretically run and cut or stab me before I can draw and get off a shot. I then engaged the other targets from behind out simulated "brick wall" exposing as little of myself as possible. Then I went to the next bit of cover and did the same. Yes, I am a Tactical Ted. For me it is a simulation of a life or death scenario that could happen to me.

So how does this become a sport? Well is is what the Gamers did....First they brought a gun to the shooting match that is not the gun they carry when carrying a gun. They brought one that was more accurate and they might have even loaded it with ammo less powerful than what they would carry with the for protection. they face the knife welding bad guy and slowly ever so slowly walk with baby steps to the cover since they are more concerned with accuracy than getting out of the way. Then they put way too much of their body out of cover so it is easier to shoot the other bad guys. Then they reload their gun since they already know the scenario and have counted how many shots they would have shot before reaching the next to the last cover and know that they will save time by reloading now instead of waiting to run dry "unexpectedly" like what happens in real life.

So anyway for them it is all about their score and they are not worried about getting away from people with knives, exposing themselves to opponents with guns when they have a perfectly good brick wall to hide most of their body behind. The score in IDPA is partly accuracy and part how fast you do the scenario. Basicly bad accuracy means add time to your score. So a combo of speed and accuracy wins.

Anway, they are training themselves to win competitions and not training themselves to survive deadly encounters. You can see this martial art turning into a sport right before your eyes. It is facinating.



Aikido is spiritual in nature.

I sort of think it is funny when people think it is a system for surviving life and death encounters.

It isnt, it is some kind of spiritual deal that manifests iteself as some sort of incomplete, watered down and castrated martial art. Blending in your energy with the energy that is there, and controling rather than hurting.

The founder was a swordsman first... so it is also funny to think you can just study aikido and get to the place this guy was. My recomendation is first become a swordsman and then you can become an aikido guy. When aikido guys practice, it obvious these guys have no clue how to use a knife. Their pathetic acting out of pretending to attack with a knife doesnt come close to simulating attack... but then again it is a sport any way.

Aiki-Do .. Aiki- jutsu should be slightly less offended.


Krav Maga, what is it?

Krav Maga is supposed to be a "get up to speed quickly on self defense in the real world."

Israeli troops need to be trained quickly and close combat is just a tiny bit of all the things you need to know as a soldier.

What is Krav Maga though anyway?

Depends on who is doing it or when they were doing it.

Some of the people had karate backgrounds, wrestling backgrounds, boxing backgrounds. Some have Judo and jiu jistsu backgrounds. So krav maga is really more of a generic term if you ask me.

In the combatant:extreme self defense DVD( )

you can see that Moni Aizik has a judo/jiu jistsu background and so you will see his techniques will differ from others who had different backgrounds or teachers.

What you need to do if considering Krav Maga is don't fall for the Israeli army does it every day and it really works hype and actually check out the background of the techniques. Where did they come from? Have they really been tested? Sometimes the people formulating "krav maga" may really just be drawing alot from whatever foundation art they have...and the techniques they come up with end up being as good or as bad as the system they extrapolated the techniques from.


tapping out

It is very unfortunate that people think that MMA, or mixed martial arts are so great.

They think it is a combination of "what really works". So they say we get two guys into a padded ring with all sorts of rules and let them fight and it is supposed to have us end up with the ultimate martial art that is effective and really, really works. Hogwash.

It will end us up with what works with only two opponents fighting according to certain rules in a padded ring for sporting purposes. It is a sport, it is not a mixed martial art, since it isn't a martial art, it is a sport like boxing, kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, wrestling, judo, etc. Notice some of sports I mentioned are used by mixed martial artists.

Anyway, the fact that most of the time people "tap out" is part of giving away what it is all about. If you are in a situation where you really need a real martial art that really really works, neither side is going to be "tapping out" that is a gentelmen's agreement and not an aspect of a life and death encounter.

The fact that most violent deaths involve weapons and this sport involves no weapons might give you a clue to the fact you are wasting your time if what you are trying to do is to be able to protect your life in a violent attack. They neither teach defending against nor the use of weapons.

Oh and the rules, you can't do this, you can't do that. Well that skews the fight towards certain techniques winning over other techniques since maybe the counter to that technique is illegal.

In a real life and death encounter neither side will be tapping out.. most like likely they will be bleeding out.

Check out this t-shirt that says it all.

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Hwa Rang Do knife looks interesting

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