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combatant: extreme self defense is the dvd that offers a different kind of self defense system; the power to choose a system that works best for you. self-defense has become a hot topic in our world as stress levels rise and violence increases. arm yourself with the most powerful techniques taught by four of the most influential martial arts masters: bill kipp, founder of fast defense, grand tuhon leo t. gaje jr., pekiti-tirsia kali, moni aizik, founder of combat survival--commando krav maga and sifu michael casey, ebmas wing tzun. watch how the masters demonstrate their method for maximum extreme self-defense from the nine compelling, real-life scenarios. these men could enhance your martial arts knowledge or even save your life, you be the judge.
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leopoldo tortal gaje, jr. is the supreme grandmaster of the pekiti-tirsia kali system. as national training director for the justice system training association and the united states police defensive tactics training association, he presents the most advanced and complete systems of combat from weaponry to empty hands through the legendary art of pekiti-tirsia kali. more about pekiti tirsia kali in the 70s, moni aizik was asked to improve upon the army's existing hand-to-hand combat system, using his extensive knowledge of reality based jiu jitsu and competitive judo, specifically for the use of their special forces. blending the lethal trinity of krav maga, jiu jitsu, and judo, he founded this new system, eventually calling the civilian version combat survival. as such, one factor that has always separated moni from the typical krav maga instructor is his depth and range of knowledge in other practical self-defense systems. more about combat survival krav maga
representing wing tzun for ebmas, michael casey is state coordinator for california. he is a 4th level technician in wing tzun, also called chinese boxing, a very straightforward and scientific fighting style made famous by being bruce lee's first and base style. more about wing tzun bill's fast defense training is concept-based rather than technique-based. by this i mean that real life encounters have shown that the person most able to deal with and apply the adrenal rush through simple gross motor techniques will respond much better than someone with incredible physical dexterity (and perhaps multiple stripes on their black belts) but who have not learned to deal with the adrenal rush. this is not a knock on traditional martial arts. but the martial arts need a bridge to help students apply their symmetrical training learned in a ma school out in the real world where events happen in a very asymmetrical manner. more about fast defense
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