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an estimated 9.1 million americans were victims of violent crimes every year. a murder is reported to the police every 27 minutes, a forcible rape every 6 minutes, a robbery every 59 seconds and an aggravated assault every 31 seconds...
don’t be a victim!
road rage assault robbery abduction
one of most common dangerous self defense situations in your everyday life, the road rage scenarios include unarmed, multiple and armed opponents. the most common type assaults are included here. roundhouse punch, sidekick, and takedown. seen at bars and clubs every weekend... robbery scenarios with knife and gun where they just want your money as well as the same scenarios where they decide to leave no witnesses. with the car at then dark end of an abandoned parking lot, our scenario shows how quickly a woman can be abducted... or not.

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an overview of krav maga

see the krav maga response to a slashing knife!

see the wing chun repsonse to a slashing knife!


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