looking for masters for the next dvd in the series.
we are looking for the next 4 masters to be in the second of this series of dvds. this is not a contest in that there is no prize, we are just doing a talent search to find out who might be good candidates for the next dvd of combatant: extreme self defense.

we have already covered 4 different martial arts, and although we do not want to duplicate the arts that were in the first dvd, we might consider you if your art is substantially different than the arts in the first dvd. for example, there is a l ot of variation within reality based arts, filipino martial arts, and even krav maga, so even if you are part of those labels, if you art is sufficiently different  you will be considered. we think wing chun has been covered and are not taking submissions on that art.


how it works:

1. review the video to the left with the self defense scenarios.
2. film yourself responding to those attacks with your martial art.
we are wanting real time action based responses most importantly. a verbal description of what you are doing and why can come at the end of your video or not at all.
3. you can film yourself responding to all attacks or just one. if you respond to more than one attack, please make separate videos for each attack or variation of attack.
4. do not use any of the video of the first combatant dvd in your video, it is copyrighted work so do not use it. upload your video(s)  to youtube. do not violate any of their rules and make sure you only upload video that you own and you have rights to as well as any of their other rules. set your video to "share with everyone", we may showcase it or put it on the web site. you will then submit those links to your youtube videos to us in the video submission form.
5. submit your information and we will review your responses. we may or may not put your videos on this or another site so that people can see what your art is and how you respond to attacks.
6. please do not call or email with questions. submit your work and do not expect to hear back from us unless we decide that your art is interesting and we might consider you for one of the masters in combatant: extreme self defense ii.

city, state zip
name of martial art
video links of responses - type in your youtube addresses below
finger in face
baseball bat
baseball bat 2 guys
grab from behind
gun in face robbery
knife in face robbery
gun in face will shoot
knife slashes
demo, something amazing, whatever you want to show your art
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