wing tzun

wing tzun is a chinese art of self-defense. it enables men and women of every age to defend themselves against a stronger opponent.

the student learns quickly how to protect him/herself efficiently in a realistic situation. our students build upon their natural reflexes that are trained with the ebmas training system. through this specialized training, one stays calm in a fight situation. one can rely on his / her reflexes that are much faster than a reaction started through visual contact.

wt teaches one to utilize the opponent's force with soft movements.

ebmas students become more self assured through a new self-confidence with the result that they rarely get in dangerous situations. and if they do find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation, they have efficient, weaponless techniques and are able to effectively use them with explosive movements.

one who learns wt develops a complete new sensitivity for one's body and relaxes its muscles. through this new understanding of the body, joints and bones might go back to their natural position.

everybody can learn ebmas-wt and perform it independently from age. it offers safety, mental and physical balance and joy. a student of wt can continuously learn something new and develop it.


sifu michael casey

sifu michael is state coordinator/trainer for california. as one of the highest ranking instructors he is a sought after teacher for seminars nationwide. he also has students from all over the us that travel to california to train with him.

prior to training and teaching wing tzun he trained some tae-kwon-do and also kick-boxing. he won a national championship in full-contact kick-boxing in germany. nowadays he dedicates all his time to training wing tzun and escrima. sifu michael likes the traditional aspects of training, but also emphasizes the modern aspects of training. such as self defense, defense against attacks from all different styles and fitness.

he currently holds the 2nd technician level in escrima and the 4th technician level in wing tzun. (technician levels are comparable to black belts in other styles.) his goal is to teach the classes in a fun and safe environment and at the same time help the students maximize their potential in skill as well as in fitness.

sifu michael practices what he preaches. he constantly works on improving his martial arts skill and keeps fit. which includes a healthy lifestyle and diet.

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